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I don’t see how him being devastated by the act of killing someone makes him like batman, and going back to the reeves superman isn’t better.

Damn it, I knew someone was going to see it that way. It’s not the devastation by the act of killing him, but the attempt at a “darker” “moodier” “realistic” and general sense of melodrama that Batman is usually better known for but doesn’t really work as well for Superman. Didn’t hate the movie, but it has a heavy sense of “The Dark Knight worked. Do that.”

As for Reeve, script wise his movies could be questionable at best, but I found Reeve’s portrayal better. But I admit that could partially be the nostalgia talking XD

There is no dark or moodier or melodrama. This is nothing like batman, superman doesn’t act like batman during the film. Seriously you clearly didn’t pay attention or nor anything about Superman or Batman. Reeves portrayal was the campy version of Superman like how Adam Reeves batman was campy.